Ethical Conduct

We do the right thing at all times.

Accountability & Transparency

We are responsible for our actions and targets, and consider how our efforts affect co-workers, our workplace, and our customers, we operate with transparency, inviting self- inspection, and audit from others.

Customer Focus

We define quality, value, and service through the eyes of the consumers and customers we serve.

Learning Community

We are committed to lifelong learning and in sharing what we have learned with across the healthcare eco-system.

Respectful Work Environment

We treat every employee, every customer, every family member , caregiver, and every vendor with respect.


We are committed to operational and business excellence in the service of consumers, customers, the community and our shareholders.

Our Clients


“Gulf HRA’s RN and Pharmacy clinically Trained and jointly certified AHIMA CCS/CCS-p and AAPC CPC coders are amazing to work with, knowledgeable, fact based and the turn around time is amazing!”

Chair / ED


“Gulf HRA helped us achieve a 70% improvement in 60 days- that is a very real impact on complete and accurate documentation, which leads to improved patient safety, more accurate and compliant local Health data, improved physician productivity data capture and financial sustainability. Moreover, Gulf HRA is fact based, reliable, repeatable and measurable, everything we want in a healthcare transformation partner!”



“Gulf HRA is so easy to work with, the coders are clinically trained, subject matter experts who relentlessly help physicians completely and accurately capture our efforts and excellence with thoroughness and dispatch! Gulf HRA is committed to our excellence I recommend them to anyone who seriously wants to improve!”

Physician / ED